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Rumah @ Essence park

RUMAH @ Essence Park

Lokasi Proyek: Essence Park Bekasi Jawa Barat
Luas Tanah/Bangunan: 100/144 m2
Selesai Tahun: 2013

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G+H House

A design house located in a city in Central Java, carrying a modern tropical concept.
The division of mass space is conceptualized according to the zone and function by considering privacy, adjusting to the direction and location of the land conditions, where the land is facing south, in this case very considering the view and natural lighting.

In addition to the basic needs of both function and aesthetics, other supporting needs are also considered, namely the client’s request for a playground for young children to be able to play in a large yard but still be monitored from the main living room of this house. Related to this request, the concept of mass space made a large garden in the middle of the house which is located next to the family room and dining room, as well as being the main sights and air circulation, as well as natural lighting that is so open.

The building material used is to adapt the concept of tropical houses, including: river stone, wood, clay tile, and material from elements that are in accordance with the tropics.



Floating bamboo lesehan “culinary sandoz”

Not just eating, while recreation enjoying the beauty of the natural scenery of rice fields

Main Entrance Sandoz culinary 

A floating restaurant in the open field on the main road south of Yogyakarta, precisely in Prembun Kebumen, Central Java.

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The concept of this house is modern tropical, with openings in the form of transparent roofed video, so that the impression of large and bright forget the size of the land is so limited. The division of function and privacy zones is quite clear, even though the land is limited, it does not hamper the homeowner to feel comfortable in doing activities in the house.

Lahan sempit tidak menjadi batasan

It is a story of a young couple who is so attentive to their family, occupying an old house with an alarming condition that every person who is in his house is the reason for the design of this house to happen..biidznillah

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Masjid UBK


Sebuah Hunian dengan dengan pedekatan etnis Jawa (Joglo)

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